Did you know the macadamia is native to Australia, particularly north eastern New South Wales and central and south eastern Queensland? Long before European settlement, the macadamia nut formed part of the diet of Aboriginal people in these regions. They were highly valued, and also traded between tribes and used as special ceremonial gifts at inter-tribal corroborees.

The German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt collected the macadamia in the 1840s from the Conondale ranges near Maleny. However, the plant was not officially named until 1857. Ferdinand von Mueller, a British botanist, named it after Dr John Macadam, a chemist, medical man and member of the legislative assembly for Castlemaine in Victoria.

So you see, the story of the macadamia is uniquely tied to Australia. Although now grown in other regions around the world, the crisp texture and delicate flavour, long shelf life and versatility of Australian macadamias have made them eagerly sought after the world over. That’s because macadamias grow best where nature intended – in the same regions in which they first evolved 60 million years ago.

At Nutworks, our macadamias are available in an extensive variety of styles. From nut in shell, premium whole and half kernels, and macadamia pieces, right through to our range of flavoured and chocolate covered nuts, we really do have all of your macadamia needs covered.

Want to know more about the nutritional powerhouse that is the macadamia nut?

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