Nuts & Immunity

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about your health. Research shows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help support your immune system. This means eating a healthy balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, managing stress and being active every day.

What does a balanced diet look like?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines encourage a balanced diet with a range of nutritious foods to ensure you get enough of the nutrients essential for good health. Aim for a wide variety of nutritious foods every day, including vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, legumes, and a healthy handful of nuts.

Nuts are an integral part of a healthy diet, providing the body with vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Nuts are also naturally low in sodium and sugar, making them a great addition to any diet.

Stock up on nuts

Not only are they full of nutrients, nuts make a great dietary staple. They’re incredibly versatile and taste great in breakfasts, dinners, snacks, and treats. They also have a long shelf life. To keep nuts at their freshest, store in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer for up to six months. Just remember to bring them to room temperature before enjoying your healthy handful each day.

Which nut is best for my immune system?

Nuts contain many nutrients which help contribute to the normal function of your immune system, including zinc, copper, iron, selenium, and folate, and in the case of chestnuts, vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals help support immunity, making every nut a great choice.

Delicious ideas for eating nuts

  1. Roast or lightly toast a mix of nuts for a crunchy snack.
  2. Toss nuts through salads or stir fries for added texture and nutrients.
  3. Puree a handful of nuts into your favourite soup to thicken it, in place of cream or rice.
  4. Blend together a cup of milk, handful of nuts, and some fruit for a protein-rich smoothie.
  5. Push a nut into a fresh date for a sweet and crunchy late-night snack.