2018 Macadamia NIS Offer


2017 was a significant year for Nutworks and we would very much like to say thank you for those growers that supported us throughout the season. Thanks to that support and in conjunction with a diversified sales mix, including the securement of a number of contracts at above market value, our 2017 financial year (year ending later this month) yielded another profitable result. This was despite a record season of low nut yields being experienced by most growers.
Of equally important note, 2017 was a significant year for laying the foundation for the success of our long term growth strategy. Major achievements in the last 12 months include:

  1. The development of a de husking and collections facility in Bundaberg.
  2. Major improvements and modifications in the NIS processing facility in Yandina for increased efficiencies and throughput. This includes increased storage capacity, improved receivals and an increased focus on quality control and testing.
  3. The purchase of the adjoining land in Yandina to allow for future expansion of both the factory and tourist facility.
  4. The employment of key staff to drive and implement our plans for immediate and future growth.
  5. Increased marketing activity, opening new channels Internationally for Nutworks range of value add products.

In 2017 Nutworks was pleased to offer an industry leading rate, and for 2018 we are proud to again be in the position to present a very competitive offer. We are looking forward to sharing what should be a fruitful and exciting year with our growers.

Kylie Watson.

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