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Spring is on it's way!

Even though we are having a few brisk mornings here in Queensland, we are on countdown till our beautiful macadamia nut trees flower.... bring on a bumper crop please!!

A successful pre-Easter chocolate workshop at Nutworks!

As the clock turned 11.00 am the world stopped and the only thing that would be important during the coming hour would naturally be chocolate, and lots of it. Three tables were surrounded with excited kids who's aim was to create and eat as much chocolate as possible.  more

Nutwork’s bundle of Joy

It is not everyday you come across a person who instantly sends out warm and serene smile. It is not everyday that a person will take time to listen to you, talk to you and perhaps lure out a smile from you too. Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory is blessed to have a person who does all of those things and much more when you walk in to the Nutworks’s café.  more

If you’re mad about nuts and chocolate then like us on Facebook!

Having trouble finding us on Facebook? Want to know more about nuts and chocolate? Want to receive the latest updates on what is happening on the Sunshine Coast? Then go on and like Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory on Facebook! Just by clicking and liking you might be one of the lucky ones who will win a 30 dollar gift voucher!  more

Time has come to crack, sort and roast

The macadamia season is just around the corner and after the nuts have been harvested it is time to crack, sort and roast. As ‘nutoholics’ we might know how to indulge in these delicious nuts, but we may not know the route the nut takes from tree to mouth.  more

The Superkidz impress the Sunshine Coast

All the Superkidz participants, aged seven till 13-years-old, brought on an exiting show and were brave enough to challenge themselves to a triathlon, at such a young age. more

Costa Espresso Noosa coffee and Rocky macadamias

They are sweet, delicious, spongy, and at Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory they are filled with crunchy macadamia nuts in them, which will make your taste buds dance! Of course it’s the famous Rocky Road we are talking about.  more

Tastes of the Sunshine Coast with James Rose and Sun-Air

Sunshine Coast Destination blogger, James Rose, has recently explored the Sunny Coast together with Sun-Air busses. During his tour ‘Tastes of the Sunshine Coast with Sun-Air’ he had a chance to snack some nuts here at Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory.  more

Congratulations to macadamia lover, Eamon Sullivan, who made the Australian Olympic team!

The team at Nutworks and the Chocolate Factory would like to congratulate Olympic swimmer, Eamon Sullivan, 26, for making the Australian Olympic swimming team!  more

Mooloolaba Triathlon, Superkidz and Nutworks – 24th of March

The annual Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival has once again brought excitement and exhilaration to the Sunshine Coast region, even though rain is pouring down. Between Friday, 23rd of March, and Sunday, 25th of March, Mooloolaba will be filled with activities, competitions and fun.  more